burnt to the core but not broken (outlawserenade) wrote,
burnt to the core but not broken


Nope, there isn't any. Nobody (that matters) have died in the past.. er.. year. And I'm *that* bored to resurrect my old journal. 

Finished NaNoWriMo, btw. Yay me.
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really really really bored I see XD
Boredom level = astronomical. XD
Lmao... have you some time lately for my website ?
As I told you (six or 7 month ago no comment *g*) I wanted some change, but with the old job, then find the new one .. that wasn't my first prioritiy. But now It's again my priority. Just tell me if you have time or not and I will send you ans email to explain everything :)
*lol* long tiiime..!!11!one

But yes, I've the time (to the point where I actually got bored because I've nothing to do!). Email nao! :D

mail sent